El documento claro

Do you know how your audience understands what you write for them?

two people don't understand what they read

El documento claro is intended to be a reference point for the clarification of documents in Spanish. To do this we have created our writing service, with which you can obtain clear documents with high quality.

We help public and private organizations to produce clear and useful information for their users or clients.

In recent years several techniques have emerged in the national scene to write more clearly different types of documents and texts (Lenguaje Claro, Comunicación Clara, Lectura Fácil …) But we have noticed that there is much ignorance and confusion about its application and use. That’s why in El documento claro we’ll give you realistic information tailored to your needs. You can solve your doubts right away with us.

By generating useful information for your readers you will be able to:

– Reach them better and make them understand what you want to communicate to them.

– Make them loyal and gain their trust.

– Improve their image and prestige.

– Attract new customers or users, as they prefer organizations that create information they can understand.

– Avoid all problems derived from ambiguous and unclear information.

– Save time and money.

– Achieve more professional goals, because you can better transmit your ideas.


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